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7 days Sailing Route No5 SE of Lefkada (90miles)

Our itineraries are based on both the experiences of visitors as well as our own experiences as captains.

Sailing Routes from Lefkas Meganisi Kalamos Kastos Ithaca Kefalonia
Day 1 – Base to Meganisi – 5nm | 1h
Check-in: 17:00

The sailing route starts from Lefkas island!

Even if the check-in starts at 17:00, there is no need to stay at the marina. The closest destination is the small island of Meganisi, 1 hour to the east from the port of Nidri. It is a calm introduction to the experience of sailing!

Sail past Sparti island and continue to Skorpios, the private islands of the famous Onassis family.

Approaching the north of Meganisi, you head to the Spartochori port, a lovely destination to spend the first night. You can berth at the floating piers, near the port, which belong to the nearby tavern. They offer a safe berth along with a meal in their tavern. They help you moor and provide a fixed anchorage, so you don’t have to use your anchor.

If no place is available on the pier, the bay is also suitable for anchorage. 

Day 2 – Meganisi to Kalamos – 13nm | 2h 

Sail to the east to approach Kalamos island, a small island where you can enjoy the beauty of its green scenery. Swim at the beaches in the NE area of the island. Asprogialli beach and nearby small coasts are ideal for a swim. 

If you decide, you can stay at the comfortable and atmospheric harbour of Kalamos, where George (the taverna owner) directs the arriving yachts on their spots. Follow his instructions, and you won’t get disappointed.

Day 3 – Kalamos to Kastos – 9nm | 1h 20min

This day ideally begins with a stop for swimming in the Port Leone bay on the southwest of Kalamos. There are good anchor spots in front of the ruins.

Continue towards the still virgin island of Kastos. A small untouched island with breathtaking turquoise waters. The bays to the south of the port of Kastos are lovely, and some of them are suitable for an overnight stay if you don’t want to visit the port. The port of Kastos is very scenic and definitely worth a visit whilst on an Ionian yacht charter holiday. It’s a tiny port, so it’s challenging to find a place on the pier, but don’t get disappointed. The bay outside of the port is ideal for staying on anchor. 

Day 4 – Kastos to Ithaca (Kioni) – 14nm | 2h

This day you sail towards Atokos, a privately owned island with vibrant turquoise water, steep and densely forested mountains, a lonely chapel – a dream. Don’t miss a swim at the beautiful beaches of this uninhabited island.

Sailing to Ithaca, to moor at Kioni, a charming small village at the end of a deep bay that hosts taverns and cafes. It is advised to arrive at Kioni early afternoon and secure a position near the port. A berthing spot would probably be an anchorage inside the bay and two lines to the shore, a distance of 5-10 meters from the rocks at the west coast.

Day 5 – Ithaca (Kioni) to Kefalonia (Fiskardo) – 10nm | 1h 30min

While sailing to Kefalonia, you definitely should stop to swim to Afales beach in the North part of Ithaca. Beautiful beaches with turquoise water and breathtaking views.

The most famous sailing destination and one of the most beautiful places of Kefalonia is the bay of Fiscardo, at the northern cape of the island. Fiskardo, the most cosmopolitan place in Kefalonia, known for its 19th-century Italianate architecture that remains intact, is really busy most of the time. Cafes, bars, restaurants and shops are within walking distance, to spend a pleasant evening by the harbour. 

Day 6 – Kefalonia (Fiskardo) to Lefkada (Sivota) – 18nm | 2h 30min

Heading to the west coast of Lefkada, to the Porto Katsiki beach, one of the most famous beaches in Greece and Europe. The cliffs surrounding the beach are creating one of the most idyllic landscapes in the world. Leave early and head to Sivota bay. 

The natural port of Sivota is a popular destination where you can anchor. There are numerous traditional waterfront tavernas to moor and enjoy local food. Anchor there and spend the night under the dazzling stars.

Day 6 – Lefkada (Sivota) to Base – 7nm | 1 h 20min

Sail to return to the marina, but don’t forget to stop for swimming to the Desimi bay. It is surrounded by a large campsite located uphills, with a superb view. Desimi, a small pebbled beach, that many yachts find shelter, as it is protected from strong winds.

Continue sailing at the clear blue waters of Lefkada and finish the day at the base with a wonderful dinner at a lovely local tavern.


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