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Check-in / Check-out Guide

Your yacht charter is booked, and you are excited and waiting for your sailing holiday to begin. Here are a few things you should know to make your arrival and check-in go as smoothly as possible – and start your sailing holidays in the best possible way!

You are already in the holiday spirit while waiting for your sailing holidays to start. Still, there is some information you need to provide us before your arrival.

You’ll receive a reminder email around two weeks before your embarkation regarding the documents and information we need before your arrival. 

Crew List: You must send this information to us on time to prepare all documents on time. You’ll get a link to fill out the form with all mandatory information.  

Sailing License: It’s mandatory to share your sailing licenses with us before you arrive to confirm the validity and ensure that they are adequate for the type of yacht you are chartering. It is vital and will help avoid any unnecessary problems during check-in. 

Extra Requests: We need to be informed of any additional requests at least 15 days before your arrival. If you wish to add extra equipment to your yacht charter, like a SUP or extra bed linen, inform us as soon as possible. This makes the check-in procedure smoother and ensures we have everything available and ready for you. If you have an early flight or would like to check-in earlier than our standard 5 pm, you can request early check-in (2 pm) at an extra cost.

Transfer from/to the airport: We advise you to arrange the transfer in advance. We can arrange it for you if you wish. In high season taxis are fully booked, transferring passengers from/to the airport, so keep that in mind and make your arrangements early. 

When you arrive at our base in Vlicho, there’s the “check-in” process to complete before you get the keys and the yacht’s documents.
If you’ve never chartered a yacht before, it might seem scary that you’ll soon be responsible for looking after a boat that might be worth more than your house.
The check-in process will take less time if you have already sent the crew list and information needed to our team before the charter date.


Before boarding and setting sail, there is some administration we need to take care of. During this process, the charterer/skipper is usually the contact to prepare all required paperwork before embarkation. 

All paperwork is signed and checked, original sailing license and all passengers passports need to be provided for this check.

Payments for extras (if not already paid in advance) should be made in cash. Please ensure that you have the amount in Euros.

Security deposit is held. That means placing a ‘hold’ on a credit card for the security deposit amount, similar to a hire car charge. If you return the boat in perfect condition next week, we refund the deposit in full. If not, we will deduct the value of the damages from the security deposit and bill your credit card. The security deposit can be given in cash if prefered. 

Incidentally, we can help you arrange Security Deposit insurance to protect your security deposit if you are worried about it.

Once this is completed, our base staff will finalise all of the documentation and let you know when your boat is ready for embarkation. Your entire crew doesn’t need to be present for this initial part of the check-in process, so the rest can go for provisions or sit and relax at the restaurant in front of the pontoon.

Yacht Check-in with our representative

A member of our team will come on board to go through a formal boat hand-over process – this is walking around the boat and helping the Skipper (and whoever else cares to watch) to get familiarised with the boat. 

Our representative will go through the checklist and inspect the boat with you. You will check all navigation, electrical and safety items listed, as well as the sails, all equipment, and all features important for the safe operation of the yacht. If you have any questions, now is the time to ask. If you notice anything wrong, any marks etc., now is the time to point it out and note it to the checklist document. Once completed, both parties sign the checklist, and each receives a copy.

Finally, you get all paperwork (to keep on the yacht and to present to port authorities if they ask to see it), and you’re ready to get on the boat!

Yacht Check-out 

Hopefully, you’ll return to our base with a giant smile on your face and a deep sense of relaxation – coupled with some sadness that you’ll have to hand the yacht back and return to your life on land. You return the yacht on Friday afternoon at 17:00 at the latest so we can perform all checks needed. 

Refuelling: Every Friday afternoon, a fuel van comes to our base in order to refuel all yachts. You will pay the amount directly to the driver. 

Diver inspection: A diver will swim around the yacht and inspect the hull & propellers for any damage that you may have caused and to make sure that the boat is still going to be seaworthy for the next set of charterers, who arrive tomorrow.

Inspection of the yacht: Later, there is an inspection made to the sails and other equipment of the yacht. The following morning, after moving all your belongings off the boat, we will inspect the rest of the yacht – essentially checking for any other signs of damage that might have been caused by you and your crew or any loss of any equipment.

Calculating any deductions and signing off: After performing the inspections, if there is any damage, you’ll come up with a value for it, which is the minimum price to repair or replace the damaged item, including any labour costs. 

If there are any deductions (which happens on only about 10% of all charters), then you’ll be asked if you prefer to pay in cash or for it to be deducted from the security deposit on the credit card. If you have charter deposit insurance, be sure to get an itemised receipt of any damages and values, as the insurer will want to review this paperwork.

After the process is finished, you are ready to go! Pick up your bags, grab a coffee and have a safe journey back home!


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