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about Lefkada

Having some of the most photographed beaches in Europe, Lefkada island is one of the most remarkable and most known destinations in Greece.

What to see & do

in Lefkada

Dramatic landscapes, turquoise waters, white sand, and a flawless lavishing atmosphere are some of the elements that better characterize Lefkada.

What to see & view in Lefkada

What to eat

in Lefkada

The Greeks love eating out, sharing food with friends and enjoying the tasty ingredients their land and seas provide. The Ionian Islanders are no different and any visit to the archipelago will offer plenty of opportunity for memorable gastronomic experiences.

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Enjoy your vacation aboard one of our perfectly maintained boats and relax while sailing around hidden coves, fishing villages, cosmopolitan towns, natural beaches and other Ionian beauties.

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Not sure where to start exploring Ionian amazing isles and hidden gems? Our team members have lived or sailed Lefkas and nearby islands, and offer their top tips.

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We love the Ionian, We love the Sea, We love Sailing! We strive to make your vacation experience as seamless and relaxing as possible!

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Organized straightforward booking process, and experienced stuff to help you all the way to your best vacation experience of your life!

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Our yachts are fully equipped for your maximum comfort, and inspected every two years from PHRS for your safety!

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Our sailing charter destinations are carefully chosen to provide you with an unforgettable, safe and seamless experience!