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How to book a sailing yacht?

Are you new to sailing yacht charter? Great. You are in the right place as this is a quick rundown on how it all works and secondly because you are in for a real treat.

Most first-time charterers are very impressed with both the personalised quality of the holiday and the value it represents. It’s important though to book the best sailing boat with the best crew in the most ideal location. Luckily, it’s actually a simple and easy enough process to organise, plan and book your charter yacht vacation because its managed entirely with the dedicated help of your experienced team. After all, it should be an easy and positive experience because it is a very premium product and this is your vacation.


Selecting the Ideal Sailing Yacht

Selecting the sailing yacht that will travel you around during your holidays is not the easiest task if you haven’t done it before. Sailing yachts offer different accommodation types and capacity. They also have a range of amenities and many other features.  

To reach your perfect decision, you need to consider the type of charter you desire according to your budget, bearing in mind all the activities and comfort you want to undertake and experience while on board during your vacation. 

Our experienced team will guide you to the best option. 

Offer / Booking Confirmation

After selecting the appropriate sailing yacht, you have to book it.

If the sailing boat is available, you “hold” the boat for 4 days in order to proceed with the payment.

This prepayment along with your booking confirmation document you get from us confirms the booking.

Please note that the “hold” can be kept for maximum of 5 days and that it cannot be held on the yachts for last minute offer. 


One month prior your embarkation, you’ll need to pay the remaining amount. When the charter payment is completely paid, you will receive an email with all necessary embarkation details. 

Booking a yacht charter is different from reserving a plane ticket or renting a villa! A standard charter agreement is signed by both parties and some other documents are prepared to be given to local port authorities.  

Do not worry about anything from the above! Our experienced team is here to guide you through the process, so you’ll enjoy you best sailing vacation in your life!


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