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How to book an extra insurance?

Extra insurance packages like Deposit Insurance or Skipper's Liability Insurance may offer you a more worry-free sailing charter vacation.

Insurance packages are options offered to guests of sailing yachts chartered in Greece. We present insurance packages offered by one of the top marine insurers, Hamburger Yacht-Versicherung
Schomacker Versicherungsmakler GmbH. These packages are offered on top of private insurances as well as on top of yacht insurance. Private insurances usually cover accidents and health related costs and yacht insurances cover damages caused to the yacht by skipper or crew, above a specific amount, the deposit which is withheld before charter, from skipper or crew.

On the other hand, skipper liability insurance covers damages resulting from the use of a chartered yacht and dinghies by the skipper and crew. Examples: Damages to other vessels and berth and port facilities, or damage caused as a result of gross negligence by the chartered yacht. Usually however these cases are covered by the insurance of the chartered yacht, so the extra insurance package won’t be needed.

However, private insurance policies do not cover claims by one crew member against another which might incur high claims, in case of personal injuries. In any case, it depends on the type of private insurance whether it covers damages resulting from the use of yachts. The elements covered by insurance packages of Hamburger Yacht-Versicherung
Schomacker Versicherungsmakler GmbH are:

The below charter insurance packages are available for online purchase, HERE

Deposit Insurance

If the yacht is damaged during the sailing trip, the charter company is entitled to retain all or part of the deposit paid. This charter guarantee covers this financial risk.
With the surety insurance there is no deductible with us. This insurance covers damage to the yacht chartered by you, e.g. with paint scratches, sail, engine, transmission damage or loss of a fender, etc.

Skipper’s Liability Insurance

It provides benefit up to the amount of the contractually agreed insured sums in the event of justified third party claims. Such benefit provides compensation in cases where persons are injured or killed, property is damaged, destroyed or becomes lost or financial losses occur as a result of the use of the chartered boat.

Skipper’s Passengers Accident Insurance

The Passenger Accident Insurance covers accidents suffered by the skipper or the skipper and the crew (based on crew list).

In the event of injury the insured amount will be divided among the registered persons. If only the skipper is insured, he will be entitled to the full insured amount.

Charter Cancellation

Charter companies conclude hire agreements where there is no obligation to have compulsory insurance against insolvency because the charter operator is not deemed to be a tour operator (the usual cover certificate is not provided).

This insurance gap can be closed with an insurance against insolvency & travel costs.

Do not worry about anything from the above! Click HERE and purchase your extra insurance packages online,  so you’ll enjoy you best sailing vacation in your life!


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How to book an extra insurance?

Extra insurance packages like Deposit Insurance or Skipper’s Liability Insurance may offer you a more worry-free sailing charter vacation.

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