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Yacht Management & Chartering in Lefkada, Greece

Our services are directed to commercial sailing boat owners looking for local services of yacht chartering, yacht management, gardiennage, restoration, technical support, damage repairs and maintenance services. offers boat owners full yacht management services based in Lefkada, Greece that include:

Charter Management

We charter the yachts to our trusted world-wide network of clients and partners, while we will do our best to keep the yachts busy throughout the season. 

Through our charter management program, you can enjoy the yacht of your choice at almost zero cost.

  • Plans are flexible on the time and period of private use
  • Flexible management contract duration: starts with one year and we can extend it. 
  • Regular maintenance costs are paid by the owner (marina, insurance, winterizing, engine service etc)
  • Costs related to chartering (boat preparation, check-in/out) are fixed, with no surprises
  • We are paid by retaining a % of charter proceeds
  • Excellent technical expertise and care by our team
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Yacht Gardiennage, Preparation & Maintenance


We maintain the yachts before the season and keep them in top shape during the chartering months. Doing so, we keep our charter clients happy, but we will also maintain the value of the yachts. 

Keeping your yacht in impeccable shape is crucial for maintaining its value. Therefore, after the tourist season ends, your yacht will be transferred to the dry dock for a full technical investigation and maintenance by our technical team. We can also offer equipment upgrades such as solar panels etc, upon your request. Basic winter maintenance includes amongst other:

  • service of all engine parts, electric equipment, hydraulic parts
  • detailed cleaning of guest area, deck, sailing equipment
  • protection of underwater hulls (coating, etc.)
  • protection and repair of sails, rigging, winches, rollers

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Our yachts

Dufour 430 | GOSAILING

Bavaria 46 | SAIL2DAY

Dufour 41 | SUNRISE

What a fantastic team! We got a great and well serviced boat and it was excellent sailing. Especially impressed that the services of the boats was done by people from the deaf community. We would hire a boat again any time here.
Tania Smith
United Kingdom
We had a great time, visiting all those beautiful islands! The skipper was awesome - very friendly, helpful and made things super easy. The boat was beautiful! Thank you sail2day team!
Had awesome morning fishing with my 2 boys ages 5 & 3. Captain was brilliant, found perfect spots to swim and made the whole trip enjoyable no one got bored. Would definitely recommend.
Excellent boat. Comfortable, fully renovated. We were very happy. We highly recommend it!!!