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Antipaxos | Paxos

Antipaxos is Paxos’ smaller “sister” and it can be reached in 20 minutes from the main island.

Antipaxos is about three nautical miles from Gaios. You can visit the island with one of the small boats that operate from Gaios. On the island, you can discover some of the most beautiful beaches of Greece, with white sand, crystal waters and the lightest blue sea that you have ever seen. You can swim on the idyllic golden sandy beaches of Voutoumi, Vrika and Mesovrika. These three are listed among the ten best sandy beaches in the Mediterranean.

Pictures of beauty that aren’t described with words deserve to be photographed to remember them in your entire life. On Antipaxos, there is a small settlement with about 150 permanent residents mainly occupied with viticulture. It is not wrong to say that the island is a giant vineyard that produces a high-quality wine held in high esteem and is not easily found. If you do find some, however, you should relish it.

On a tour of the island, you will be impressed by the unique natural beauty. Agios Aimilianos with its magical oaks, the spring of Kalogiris with cool and healthy spring water and the fine marble lighthouse of Antipaxos built-in 1833 are some examples.
Dining in the island’s beachside taverns, you can try fresh fish and enjoy famous local wine for its exceptional flavour.
The island only measures 5 square kilometres, and there is only one road you can use to move around. Being such a small island, it is a place that is best visited during a daily trip, especially if you are with your family. If you like snorkelling, Antipaxos has an incredible marine life with plenty of coloured fish, a lot of aquatic vegetation and many submerged caves.

If you prefer walking, you will have the chance to walk to the lighthouse located in the southern part of the island. An important thing to remember if you are visiting this island is to always carry an extra bottle of water with you as there aren’t any shops where to buy some.


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