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Where to eat in Lefkada

The only list you’ll need for the best food locations in Lefkada.

Known as one of the best Greek islands for sailing experiences, Lefkada is full of nice places to visit and delicious, authentic Greek cuisine too. The following restaurants represent some of Lefkadas’ most tasty venues to help visitors navigate the island for a delightful and well-deserved meal.

10. Margarita – Lefkada Town



One of the most famous and good restaurants on the island, on the east side of Lefkada Town, prefered by both locals and tourists. The rich menu features homecooked dishes, dishes of the day, gourmet suggestions and many fresh seafood and fish. Enjoy your meal with a view of the  marina and the sailing yachts.



9. Vaggelaras – Vassiliki


Vaggelaras Restaurant is located in Vassiliki, a picturesque fishing village southwest of Lefkada. It lies around the beautiful bay, a long pebbled beach famous for its perfect windsurfing and sailing conditions. Sitting at the end of the harbour, just short of the ferry dock, this century-old taverna serves great salads, mezedhes, pasta and fresh seafood at waterfront tables.




8. Pardalo Katsiki – Karia


Pardalo Katsiki Restaurant is located on the mountains in the center of Lefkada, in the village of Karia. The restaurant is located in the central square of Karia, where the centuries-old plane trees generously offer their tranquility and shade. Enjoy their tranditional recipes from Lefkas, prepared homemade with raw materials, and have some wine under the shade of old plain trees.




7. 12 Gods – Sivota


Where would the gods choose to eat, if they arrived in Sivota, Lefkada? But of course in the tavern of the same name “12 Gods”. Sivota is an enchanting place, a true destination for sailors! 12 Gods is a divine tavern with wonderful Mediterranean cuisine and fresh seafood and fish. The view is spectacular, so don’t miss a visit!



6. Zolithros – Mikros Yialos


Zolithros tavera is located at the beautiful bay of Mikros Yialos in Lefkada. Somewhere on the south end, in between the many small bays the sea was meant to sculpture the Mikros Yialos – a small bay which is charming on the first look. In this tavern you will taste fresh fish, and the most delicious local recipes! 






5. Basilico – Nidri


The Basilico Restaurant is located in the port of Nidri! Nidri is a coastal village located on the east side of the island. The most famous tourist resort of Lefkada. Basilico, based on the Greek cuisine offers you food with high quality ingredients from Mama Eleni with wonderful tastes.





4. Sivota Bakery Cafe – Sivota


As you can guess from it’s name the location of this small gem is in the beautiful harbour of Sivota, in Lefkada. From the morning to taste the best breakfast specialties till the evening to have a great dinner with a glass of wine. Quality food, friendly service, unique location. This your destination!




3. Rachi – Exanthia


Rachi Restaurant is located very high on the mountaintop, in the village of Exanthia, in Lefkada, just above the beautiful beach of Kathisma. With breathtaking views of the Ionian sea and the sunset, the pleasantly cool balcony welcomes the visitor to an unforgetable experience. Homemade delicacies from the traditional wood-fired oven, freshly gathered vegetables from the garden, local meat and wine are wainting for you to taste!




2. Porto Nikiana – Nikiana


Porto Nikiana Restaurant is loacated in the quiet marina of Nikiana, and it’s easy to reach by any transport. Real Greek hospitality and the creative traditional cuisine will make you want to come back again to this place. The tables are located by the marina, with a nice view of the yachts and the nearby mountains.



1. Amente – Drimonas



Amente Restaurant & Cocktail Bar is at a unique location above Kathisma beach at the mountainous Drimonas Village. Amente boasts spectacular sea and sunset views along with the surrounding mountain ranges. Taste the comfort cuisine with mediterranean and Greek traditional elements and /or top your evening off with a cocktail. The elegance of your dining experience will be enhanced  by the infinity pool, Amente’s most breathtaking vantage point!


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